Swimming is fun and healthy. Let’s keep it that way. Guard tips.
Backyard Pool and spas are a wonderful way for families and friends to have fun and socialize together. What could be nicer than a hot summer day than a sparkling pool full of children splashing and frolicking about? The sad reality is that each year there are tragic stories of children who drowned on a pool because an adult turned their back or eyes for a minute to answer the phone, talk to someone, flip the burgers on the barbeque, get a towel or any number of things.

Guard tips:

  1. Never leave children alone near water. Drowning is the second leading cause of preventable death for children under 10 years of age. The backyard pool is the number one setting where children under 5 years most often drown. Most of these victims are along – often during a momentary absence or lapse of supervision.
  2. Stay within arms’ reach of toddlers and non-swimmers. You need to be close by. Drowning is fast. It can take just seconds and can occur in inches of water.
  3. Stay by the water edge. You need to be able to scan the entire pool – including the bottom – and be ready to respond quickly.
  4. Watch every child. Enlist help if needed. Watch the face – especially the eyes. There is a need in supervisors when you have many children or non-swimmers – especially less than 5 years of age.
  5. Make sure non-swimmers wear lifejackets. Drowning is silent. Most victims rarely call or wave or signal for help because they can’t keep their head or arms above water.
  6. Use Safety pool Fence to prevent an access of children in the pool when it is not in use.


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