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Swimming Pool Opening

Every service we provide at Premium Pool is designed to be as hassle-free as possible and our Premium Pool Opening is no exception. If your swimming pool is anything but a standard rectangle other pool companies will likely bombard you with extra charges for size, shape, green water, additional equipment and everything else in your backyard. We don't do that at Premium Pool: our opening is all-inclusive and we do every job thoroughly. Saltwater? Freshwater? Specialized filtration equipment? Doesn't matter. Our professional technicians will take care of absolutely everything and your pool will be guaranteed ready to swim.

Here's what is included:

Premium Pool Opening $780

  • Pump water off your winter pool cover and thoroughly clean it
  • Roll up the winter cover and move it to your preferred storage location, along with water bags and other winterization accessories
  • Scrub and remove the scum line
  • Remove winter plugs and re-install all water return fittings
  • Reinstall all deck equipment, such as ladders, slides or diving boards
  • Reinstall and clean your filtration and sanitization systems (1L of Filter Clean included)
  • Clean your salt cell and flush the ozonator
  • Power wash the swimming pool deck
  • Complete pool equipment system evaluation, including an inspection for damage by a certified technician and start-up of all equipment
  • Prime water pump
  • Reinstall and test pool lighting
  • Start up automatic cleaner
  • Reinstall salt system
  • Start up your gas or solar pool heater
  • Inspection and start up of your automatic pool cleaner
  • Shock the water with chlorine to remove any biological contaminants
  • Opening Chemical Kit included

Additionally, our Premium Pool Opening includes up to two extra maintenance visits, if required:

  • Second Visit: Full Maintenance – includes vacuuming of the pool and skimming the surface (2 days after the initial opening)
  • Third Visit: Chemical Balance* – recheck and rebalance your pool chemistry (5 days after the initial opening)

* If any nonstandard chemicals are required, beyond those included in your Opening Chemical Kit, these will be billed extra.

Season Heater Service Plan $230

Full maintenance and tune up of your pool heater, whenever required, for the full season. Includes removal and cleaning of the heat exchanger. Should your pool heater require repairs, you will need to pay for the parts only (or you can supply them yourself) - all labor is included.

Can only be purchased with the pool opening service.

Spa and Waterfall Services (extra charge)

  • Opening of a waterfall $40 each
  • Opening of an attached spa $110
  • Opening of a separate whirlpool / fountain $250
  • Repairs to your liner or pool equipment varies

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