Swimming Pool Opening

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  1. The full A-D Opening Package will have your pool swim ready.
  2. A La Carte

Premium Pool Opening


Core Opening Services

  • Pump water off your winter pool cover and thoroughly clean it
  • Roll up the winter cover and move it to your preferred storage location, along with water bags and other winterization accessories
  • Scrub and remove the scum line
  • Remove winter plugs and re-install all water return fittings
  • Reinstall all deck equipment, such as ladders, slides or diving boards
  • Reinstall pool lighting
  • Power wash the swimming pool deck
  • Shock the water with chlorine to remove any biological contaminants
  • Opening Chemical Kit included

Equipment Start-Up

  • Reassemble pool pump, start-up and inspect for leaks
  • Reassemble, test filtration system and inspect for leaks; clean the cartridges in cartridge filters
  • Test pool lighting
  • Start up automatic cleaner
  • Reinstall salt system
  • Clean and flush your salt cell (1L of Salt Cell Cleaner included)
  • *Not all pools have the same systems and therefore some items mentioned above may not apply to your pool setup.


Heater Start-Up

  • Complete pool heating system evaluation, including an inspection for damage by a certified technician
  • Reactivate your heater's gas line (for gas heaters)
  • Check all safety controls
  • Start up the heater and make sure it's operating properly
  • *Can only be preformed if the pool’s pump and filtration system is up a running and pool is full of water.


Extra Maintenance Visits

  • Second Visit (up to 2 hrs): Full Maintenance – includes vacuuming of the pool, skimming the surface and chemical balancing. (Pools that are leaf ridden will require multiple visits to get them “swim ready”. Each additional visit is $125.)
  • *To complete the second visit the pool water must be clear where you can see to the bottom of the deep end.

All Above prices do not include HST.

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